Stay Warm This Winter with Honeycell®

06 December 2019

The colder months are now upon us and what better time give your windows a warming makeover with Honeycell. Suited to both classic and modern interiors, the Honeycell Collection delivers on style and functionality. Choose from timeless neutrals and enriching colours, whilst benefiting from reduced noise, better light control and increased insulation all year round.

Within the home, a significant amount of heat is lost through the windows, even when double glazed. In winter Honeycell’s insulating cellular structure helps retain warmth by trapping air inside the cells when the blind is lowered. This acts as an insulation blanket in front of your window, creating a comfy cocoon indoors. Honeycell has been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46%, in turn reducing energy consumption and heating costs.

Honeycell's thermal properties change with the seasons. In summer, heat generated from solar energy can result in unpleasantly high temperatures indoors. The Honeycell structure helps reflect the solar rays and keep out as much heat as possible. In the warmer months it has been proven to reduce heat absorption by up to 78%, minimising the need for air-conditioning.

All fabrics are available as cut length. See the collection for yourself. Contact us today.


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